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A honeypot is an information system resources which has no production values. It values lies in unauthorised or illicit use of that resource.

– Lance Spitzner
Founder of  The Honeynet Project

Edgis’s Talk on Honeypots

Recommended Honeypot Tools

  • The de facto Low-Interaction Honeypot: Honeyd
  • Malware Honeypot: Dionaea
  • SSH Honeypot: Kippo
  • High-Interaction Perimeter Honeypot: Honeywall
  • Data Capturing tool for High-Interaction Honeypot: Sebek
  • High-Interaction Client-Side Honeypot: Capture-HPC NG
  • Low-Interaction Client-Side Honeypot: Thug, PHoneyC
  • Web Application Honeypot: Glastopf
  • SSL Proxy & Traffic Analyser: HoneyProxy

Useful Links

Interesting Materials

** Read more about Honeypots here.