WiFi Malware Spreads like Common Cold

Security researchers at the University of Liverpool, School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science have developed a proof-of-concept malware – dubbed Chameleon – that is capable of propagating across WiFi networks with the same effectiveness as the common cold. The researchers conducted tests on simulations of WiFi networks across two large cities in theRead More

3 Wireless Security Myths

Watch Sophos bust three wireless security myths: Network name hiding and MAC address filtering is for safety, not for security. And never use WEP as your wireless encryption solution.

Hacking made too easy.

A couple of months back, I walked past a friend who was working furiously on her laptop. It was her red BackTrack wallpaper that caught my attention. Being curious, I proceeded to ask her opinion on BackTrack 5 as I have yet to get my hands on those. It turns out that this was her first BackTrack and she was still exploring with the tools.Read More

How to Exploit “Secure” Wireless Networks

  Earlier of the week, Larry Pesce, co-host of PaulDotCom and Senior Consultant at NWN Corporation, presented at SANS APAC Series on How Attackers Exploit Modern “Secure” Wireless Networks. As wireless networks security improves, with better encryption and authentication services, attackers have to change tactics from just simply exploiting WEP. Wireless attacks is not justRead More

WPA, password is its weakest link

WPA or WPA2 security protocol can be used to prevent hackers and other unauthorised people from accessing wireless networks or even viewing traffic sent over them, but only when end users choose strong passwords. WPA and WPA2 use an extremely robust password-storage regimen that significantly slows the speed of automated cracking programs. By using theRead More